About Me

Maltese Graphic Designer and Photographer.. Been working as a designer for more than 7 years and as a photographer for more than two years.

Graphic Design: I worked on different media, started with Web Design, moved on to the Print sector where I was designing a monthly magazine. After print I moved into the Gaming sector which I’ve been for almost 2 years now, presently I’m working on html and design.

Photography: I’ve always been into photography, everywhere I go I carry a camera or my iPhone with and take a couple of photos daily, mainly views and food! 🙂 .. About two years ago I finally decided to buy my very first Nikon DSLR and since then I’ve been shooting all sorts of photos, started with landscapes and abandoned buildings, now i’m more into photo shoots and fashion photography as you can see from this portfolio website.

I also have another project which I’ve been working on since 2014, which is ‘Malta Photography’. The idea of this project is to create this Social Media to share stunning photos and videos of the Maltese Islands taken by tourists or Maltese residents. First I created an Instagram Account, then I created a Facebook Page and Twitter Account. Till today I have more then 50K followers combined from more then 100 different countries worldwide!

I guess thats it about myself, if you want to get to know more about me or if I can be of any services, both design and photography you contact me on the following details:

Email: info@jciappara.com | Phone: +356 79272974
Facebook Page: JCiappara Photography


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