Malta Carnival 2016

Malta Carnival 2016

Photos: JCiappara Photography

The Malta Carnival 2016 activities in Malta and Gozo were held between Friday, 5th February and Tuesday, 9th March.

Malta is not the first destination that pops to mind when mentioning ‘Carnival’, but the festival is well entrenched in the island’s cultural calendar and is undeniably one of the best events in Malta. Tourists usually stumble upon the festivities by chance and boy do they enjoy it. Most are simply swept off their feet with all the colourful floats, elaborate costumes, children dancing routines, merriment, spontaneity and downright silliness


Locals spent a whole year preparing for the four days of events to participate and compete in the Carnival parade. Stunning, beautiful and colourful floats which shows all sorts of people, animals and mythical creatures, fills the streets of Valletta with dancers in elaborate costumes partying aboard. Carnival float building in Malta is an art inherited through family generations and enthusiasts take great pride in their work with more than a touch of rivalry amongst participants.

Carnival days in Valletta also host a number of marching bands, costumed children and youths enjoying the merriment along the historic streets, whilst various costumed dance groups perform in Valletta’s main square with families enjoying the show from purposely set-up stands.

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